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More than a picture

A work of art to represent your pet how you see them, and memories to last forever

Built for you
Your pet has a unique personality and relationship with you - we want to show that! This means picking a location that you'll love and maybe bringing their favorite toy along. While you (the humans) don't have to be in any photos, we highly recommend it. You don't have to pick them, but we think you'll want to!


We want this to be fun for you and your pet!
While the end goal is a beautiful picture, the journey is part of the process and what makes it so special. Pet doesn't have a lot of training? Nervous? Reactive? It's okay! We've learned to work with many different personalities and are more than happy to work at their pace.

What are the options?


Here's where things get really fun! We'll choose a location together to explore and get some unique shots


The easiest option for most cats. We will join you in your home and capture your pet in their most comfortable environment 


Lights, camera, (backdrop), action! We will create a set in our home or yours to create beautiful portraits


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